Can my non-profit really benefit from a 360° tour?

A non-profit organization can greatly benefit from a virtual tour by providing a unique and immersive experience for their audience. Through a virtual tour, the organization can showcase their mission, projects, and impact in a visually engaging manner. This technology allows potential donors, volunteers, and stakeholders to virtually explore the organization's facilities, programs, and success stories from the comfort of their own homes. By offering a virtual tour, the non-profit can reach a wider audience and increase awareness about their cause. It also provides an opportunity for individuals who may not have the ability to visit the organization in person to still feel connected and involved. Furthermore, a virtual tour can help the non-profit save costs on physical infrastructure and resources required for in-person tours. Overall, implementing a virtual tour can be a valuable tool for a non-profit to enhance their storytelling, attract support, and expand their reach.

brown and white hallway with brown wooden doors
brown and white hallway with brown wooden doors
Show your donors their money

A non-profit organization can effectively utilize a virtual tour to showcase the transformation of a particular location. By taking advantage of this technology, they can visually demonstrate the before and after changes that have occurred. This allows potential donors and supporters to witness the impact of their contributions firsthand, generating a deeper sense of engagement and connection. Through a virtual tour, the non-profit can provide an immersive experience, enabling viewers to navigate through the location, observing the improvements made in a more interactive manner. This visual representation serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness, encourage involvement, and inspire others to join in the mission of the organization. By harnessing the potential of virtual tours, non-profits can effectively communicate their impact and motivate individuals to contribute towards creating a positive change.

a couple of tools that are sitting on a table
a couple of tools that are sitting on a table
Be prepared

A virtual tour can be a valuable tool for a non-profit organization to prepare for potential insurance losses. By providing a virtual walkthrough of their premises, the organization can document their assets and facilities in detail. This visual documentation can serve as evidence of the organization's possessions before any damage occurs, making it easier to file insurance claims and receive proper compensation. Additionally, the virtual tour can also help the non-profit identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in their physical space, allowing them to take preventive measures and minimize the likelihood of accidents or losses. Overall, a virtual tour offers a proactive approach for non-profits to protect their assets and ensure smooth insurance processes in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Regal Virtual Tours is working toward bringing 3D scanning to our collection of tools to help better document your irreplaceable items.

brown ceramic vase on black and white textile
brown ceramic vase on black and white textile

Here we have two versions of before and after tours.

The tour on the left allows you to view a split screen, where you can slide the bar in the middle of the screen to see a more complete photo of one side as you rotate the room around.

On the right, you have a side by side view, which makes it easy to compare changes within the same screen.

This particular tour showcases one room, but this treatment can be applied to an entire multi-room tour or selectively to a few rooms within a multi-room tour.

In addition, we can enhance the tour with audio, information cards, embedded video, photo albums, logos, maps, floorplans, and even links to external websites.

We host this type of tour on our servers, making it a budget-friendly option with a small monthly fee.

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