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Can my business benefit from a 360° tour?

Small businesses can greatly benefit from incorporating virtual tours into their marketing strategies. Virtual tours provide a unique and immersive way for potential customers to experience a business without physically being there. This can be especially advantageous for businesses that have a physical location, such as restaurants or retail stores, as it allows customers to explore the space and get a feel for the atmosphere. Additionally, virtual tours can help small businesses reach a wider audience, as they can be easily shared on social media platforms or embedded on websites. This not only increases visibility but also builds trust and credibility among customers. By offering a virtual tour, small businesses can showcase their products or services in an engaging and interactive manner, ultimately leading to increased customer interest and potential sales.

person holding black samsung android smartphone
person holding black samsung android smartphone
Not only for customer engagement

A virtual tour can be a game-changer when it comes to validating insurance claims for small businesses. Instead of relying on traditional documentation and photographs, a virtual tour provides an immersive and interactive experience that allows insurance adjusters to see the property in detail. A virtual tour can be used as a preventative measure by allowing small business owners to document their property before any potential incidents occur. By providing a comprehensive and objective view of the premises, a virtual tour can play a crucial role in settling insurance claims efficiently and accurately.

yellow and black fork lift
yellow and black fork lift
How can I use my tour?

We have several options available to your business. We can upload a very simple 360° photo to your Google business profile, we can upload an immersive virtual tour to your Google business profile. We can create standalone tours and 360° shots to share to on your socials. We can create a fully customized and branded tour you can embed into your website. The options can be as big as our imaginations.

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage
This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage

See what Google has to say

Both of these tours were created with the same set of photos. The tour on the left is hosted on Google Street Views servers. The tour on the right is hosted on our servers. Both tours can be embedded in your website and shared on social media.

The Google tour is a very basic, stripped down version of what can be offered in the customized tours. The Google tour is great for most businesses to get your customers attention and show them what your place looks like. *Google Street View tours are only available for addresses that are listed for business use. Google will not allow street view tours of residential locations.

Our custom tours are better suited for locations that have a "special something" they would like to show off. You will notice in this custom tour we have added:

  • audio

  • the business logo in the upper right corner that doubles as a back link to the business website

  • a photo album built in to the tour

  • a link to the business location on Google maps

  • in the rehab room there is an information card with video for the underwater treadmill

  • a dropdown menu on the left with tour controls and a back link to the business Facebook page

Google Street View

Custom Tour

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